Who am I?

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I was born in Newbury 1968 and moved to Swindon 1981. Since early childhood I have had an interest in blending art and materials science, in a rather Heath Robinson kind of way, I created, moulded, etched, blended, carved and painted, sadly none of these early experiments withstood the ravages of time. Whilst studying art at school it became very apparent that my skills were not in keeping with my goals and I let the subject drop. However, in 2006 my creative spirit was rekindled upon seeing Florestan by Gillian Ayres and the set dressing from the German expressionist cinema and since then i have not looked back.

I am still evolving artistically, constantly experimenting with styles and materials, as each piece leads me in it's own direction, influencing its own creation. My work is multi-layered, reflecting the multiplicity of the universe, and each of those layers is in itself reflective of a moment in my life. The layers may appear superficially to be quite separate from each other, but when you look more closely you can see the fraying round the edges, nothing is solid in this world. Everything and everyone exist on many levels, concealing hidden depths and unexplored heights.

Despite the abstract nature my paintings they do each have a message. Every picture has a story and the title has relevance yet both can be disregarded and the visual image taken on it's own merit. Each person will see my work through different eyes, coloured by their own experiences and feelings and it is that individual perception which is important to me. I want to inspire others, not dictate to them.

The inspiration of Benjamin Hoff and a lack of any formal art education, have given me the freedom to create from a childlike perspective, without having to resort to an Eeyore'ish gloomy place, as so many seem to feel the need to. My purpose in life, as in my art, is to make people smile.