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These works are available as limited edition A4/A3 format prints for exhibition or collectors. Individual pictures could be assembled into a unique printed montage. Please get in touch for more information...

This ongoing series is comprised of the client copies of betting slips placed through Ladbrokes shops. The project started in Newbury during an inspirational week in August 2009 and has continued to amuse me since. Using only the pen and paper provided by the shop the aim is to draw picture bets suggested by, and containing the name of, at least one horse each Saturday. As with so much of my alternative media work it is a blatant attempt to raise a smile, but also to push people's perceptions of the status quo, the expected and think a little outside the box.

A new strand of the project began in January 2010 with a bet placed for me to win the Turner Prize within the next three years, my 50th drawing. I've since placed another, at equally short odds. There will be more on this as the project unfolds.

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